in the beginning



Officially opening in 2011, we named the company Kivikis, and the ideas began to run from there.  The further we looked into the business aspects and opportunities, the more we found a fresh market for such hand crafted wool felted items in the EU and the US, where there were practically none available. This new market made it possible for our business to expand quickly and gain the notoriety that it has today.
Kivikis Today:
We have become a flourishing business since our humble beginnings as a small business out of the founders’ home, with nothing more than a great idea, and wonderful product. It quickly filled their bedroom, and spilled into the rest of their house, a great sign that their idea was a huge success. Since then, we have expanded into a large felting house with many experienced crafts people that create our beautiful felted cat houses.
What Sets Us Apart?
We supply the EU and the US with 100% eco-friendly items.  Kivikis began making felted items with luxury natural sheep’s wool from Australia, and continue with that same quality today in our larger operation.  Using the softest ecological merino wool, silk used for trimming, wool fabric and linen fibers sets our company apart from any other available in the EU and the US.
Where You Can Find Us:
Our felted creations have been included in numerous magazines, as a testament to our quality.  We have expanded in such a manner, that you can become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our blog, and even find us on YouTube to stay in touch with all of the new things we have going on here at Kivikis!