ecological cat house

cat house from wool

What is Ecology?

Ecology is the study of the relationships between living organisms, including humans, and their physical environment; it seeks to understand the vital connections between plants and animals and the world around them. Ecology also provides information about the benefits of ecosystems and how we can use Earth’s resources in ways that leave the environment healthy for future generations.

 A Stylish, Ecological and Healthy Cat house That You Will Love!

Our handmade, felted, wool cat houses are an ecological, feel-good and wonderful alternative to the ordinary we normally use. Our cat houses are fashionable, yet made of a sustainable resource, Merino wool.  Wool cat house, when worn against the skin, wicks away moisture –keeps moisture away from your cat delicate coat and helps to regulate your cat body temperature, keeping your cat coat warm. Who wouldn’t love that? Another wonderful fact is the lanolin that Merino wool contains. Lanolin is a natural, antibacterial substance. All of those healthful benefits with fine, soft, felted, wool and they’ll not only have your cat looking good, but your will feel good too! Healthy, happy cat are very important since we rely on them.

You will love our handmade, felted, Merino wool cat house and you can feel good about your ecological decision. What a wonderful feeling it is to support a product that is not only handmade but is also natural and sustainable. It is extremely important that we take our part in improving the well-being of our fragile planet. Instead of using machinery and equipment that require the use of excessive energy and fuel, we choose to produce our line of ecological cat houses by hand. Instead of using materials that are manmade and harmful to our environment, we have chosen the luxuriously soft and earth-friendly, Merino wool. It requires more of our time, but it is much kinder to our planet. When you’re using our cat house, you can feel good about knowing they were made with dedication and respect for our planet, Earth. Our cat houses make wonderful gifts for your friends and family. They’ll be happy to know they’re helping to take part in promoting a healthier, safer and happier environment for us all. Take your part in helping our planet while looking stylish and feeling good.

 Why not choose a cat house that is comfortable, ecological, promotes cat health and is fashionable? Express your style and try them with your cat!


natural cat house


What is natural?

   All fibres which come from natural sources (animals, plants, etc.) and do not require fibre formation or reformation are classed as natural fibres.

Natural felted wool cat house – fibres from the nature!

Throughout the history of mankind, wool shorn from domesticated animals has traditionally been a vital resource to nearly every culture that lives in a temperate or colder climate. The twentieth century, however, brought the advent of artificial fibers made through complex industrial processes that displaced many of the traditional uses of wool. This came with high price, as the short term benefits of this industrialization hid the negative environmental impact of all stages of the manufacturing process as well as damage to the health and safety of everyone working and living near the mills. Fortunately, a growing awareness of the ecological impact of industrialization has led people to reassess the traditional value of this ancient resource. When using felted wool to produce cat house, the ecological impact is greatly diminished.

Natural wool, in all its many variations, can be made into apparel that is healthy, economical and environmentally conscious while still being fashion forward. Taking fashion to the next level is good idea when you’re looking to wear healthy clothing and accessories. Not only will the cat house look great in your house, but it will be much healthier for your cat to live in, cat house is products that are not consuming animals. Handmade, felted products that are made from high quality wool are more than just a tip of the cap to healthy living. Those who want to live a healthier lifestyle can begin, perhaps, with their diet and exercise and extend that to the clothing that they wear.
When it comes to pure fashion, these sorts of products look great with just about anything.
A great example of this is felted wool cat house – while most modern cat houses are made from nylon, polyester and leather processed with harsh chemicals, handmade felted wool cat house are created almost entirely out of natural materials, the only chemicals used for the felt generally limited to soap and water. While all cat houses use out eventually, the artificial materials in industrially made cat house live on much longer than themselves, eventually taking up space as solid waste. Felted wool cat house, in comparison, are mostly made of materials that in time will naturally rejoin our biosphere.

Fashion is just a reflection of who we are and the choices we make, and felted wool cat house will not only look great but let you choose to make a more natural and healthy world in the process. They may look fabulous and have a low impact on the environment, but are also very comfortable for cat – the handmade felt is soft and supple, able to breathe while still staying warm. While different styles and designs might be consistent within their individual product lines, each handmade cat house is unique since they were all born with the personal attention of the artisan who made them.

An easy strategy in making your life a healthy, natural and ecologically sound one is to make wise choices in what you purchase and use every day. Thinking about the impact our everyday choices can have on our health and environment can be a good start, and choosing felted wool shoes can be a part of that.

Don’t just purchase something new to wear because it looks good. Purchase it because it’s all-natural, is ecofriendly, and allows you to make a contribution to the betterment of the environment and the world around us.