This is MINE

This is MINE

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Did you know that there is a small factory in Lithuania, are produced in the beautiful, unique and handmade Filzhöhlen for cats? Me neither. Until last week.

But the fact is: There has been nothing, absolutely nothing, that Katie has taken so quickly in fog. Provided we see from the accompanying box once from. The baptized Filzhöhlen or affectionately Cat houses, made from 100 percent pure organic materials. They are manufactured in the city of Vilnius in Lithuania. Even the name “Vilnius” is to fall in love, because translated it means “small wave”.

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Woe to him who also came to their cave only to close.Lilli had no chance from the start. As she lay in the cave, Katie has them away or just simply applied to the input, so yes Lilli also can not get out. While I have made the pictures, Katie has attacked me as soon as I got too close with the camera. Property is just property and belongs to no one else. After all, Katie was sitting there first. Then lying asleep by the way is of course just as well.

You can expect the products of kivikis site view. Much more, however, I recommend the youtube channel and only the newly created facebook page . The videos on youtube show how great are the Filzhöhlen and that really any cat will love. To buy there are the kivikis in Germany so far intwo online shops .

Lilli This is MINE

At this point, a very big thank you that you love us kivikis the cave have provided and many greetings to Lithuania!

How quickly the cave was adopted by the girls, you can see in the video: Hinge Sets, slept in it.

Produt Review: Kivikis Cat Cave + Cat Cave photo story

Produt Review: Kivikis Cat Cave + Cat Cave photo story


Hi everyone,

Today we have a review of a cat cave made of natural wool for you! This cave is made by Kivikis and you can find their website by clicking here.

They produce 100% eco-friendly products and each cave is hand crafted by them. This of course means that you will find that these caves will come in different sizes.

To ensure that you get the most of your cave it of course needs to be cleaned from time to time. Kivikis provides us with a very easy to follow instruction video for this!

So how was our experience? The cat cave arrived securely wrapped in plastic foil to ensure that the box and the cave would not get wet or otherwise contaminated on its journey from Lithuania to us in the UK.

Nubia of course decided to give us a paw unpacking this as you can see below:



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